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Upcoming Speaking Engagements


October 16-17, 2014. Public Lecture, Ohio University, Athens,  OH.




 To contact text2cloud about speaking and/or faculty development workshops,

“We had the opportunity to speak with you briefly after your talk at SUNY Buffalo and we want to thank you; you were able to offer insight into many of the things we have been wrestling with as writing instructors – getting students interested, redesigning course work to be more meaningful and engaging, creating assignments that can speak to an audience beyond the instructor, and motivating students to be resourceful.

You have, in fact, motivated us to propose a new upper-level writing class within the College Writing Program that asks students to dig deeply into a question of interest, write with a public audience in mind, and to use the vast resources of the Internet as an archive of information waiting to be discovered, analyzed, and written about. The student work at Plangere Culture Lab and your own blog at text2cloud have offered brilliant examples of how writing can be used as a tool for thinking, and what this kind of writing can look like.

 We just wanted to let you know how influential your work has been to us and to thank you for inspiring us in both our personal and professional lives.”


“Thank you very much for your presentation yesterday. The faculty and staff response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the discussions at each level were thoughtful and reflective of an audience that heard and appreciated your insights. Now, our work is to find ways to bring student curiosity to the forefront! I have received many thank you’s for inviting you on campus – you set the tone for a great beginning to our school year.” Rye Country Day School.

“We loved every second of you being here, and we’re plotting getting you back soon.” University of Central Arkansas.

“I expected to get thrown into the deep end at the Summer Immersive, I just didn’t think they would hold my head under water.”-Anonymous Immersion/Submersion Survivor (“Seriously though, the Immersive was a transformative experience for me–if I could spend my life’s work having experiences like that one, I’d be happy.”)

text2cloud live: Click to Watch

“Growing Up Digital”


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