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  1. Hi Richard – There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while and this seems like it might be a good time. If you trust me with your email I promise not to pester you during your break.

  2. Are you mad? Good news mission has been working day and night teaching people to know the heart of god through the bible. All men are evil. The bible records, that the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked in the book of jeremiah . How come you think of yourself to be such a good man. You personally you should know that you are also desperately wicked above all things. If you realize heart of god in the bible you will also realize heart of pastor park. He is the last prophet of this age
    a true servant of god
    do you even know what it means to share the heart of god. Do you even know the meaning of being led by god? Do you know what it means to live the life after born again ?

    • @Priyadarshini…did you just say that Pastor Park is the last prophet of this age!!! This GNM is surely a cult and they clearly know how to get people in there trap

      • how do you know that person is part of the GNM? would if theyre defending an innocent cooperation

  3. good news is the best cult

  4. Goodnews mission is the only true church in the world.

  5. World mission Society of God entered Monterrey, Mexico and has taken a hold of my brother’s family. I knew right away that it was a cult. I appreciate your article.

  6. Thank you for the poster and all the commenters for sharing your own personal experiences and view points.

    I would also like to share my view point and personal experience with IYF. Met IYF in 2007 and volunteered as Short Term Missionary (STM) in S.Korea. I consider STM as a short term leadership training rather then rigorous/typical religious base program because with positive and correct perspective on all the teachings/activities I could see the unique practices/approaches and I consider that as a core moral principles of a successful leader or futuristic leader.

    e.g. You being the Leader/Pastor believing in God/Bible and as we know God never fails. So the leaders/pastors living, guiding, teaching and most importantly leading to accomplishment of any task they NEED to adhere to the core values/moral principles (powered by all kinds of knowledge/wisdom/experiences etc) not to be downtrodden or not to fail before the challenges/hardships in life.
    So, all you have seen or experienced need to be viewed and try to understand in the correct perspective in a way that is to be. Prior to IYF you have lived and gone through various kinds phases in life and with various kinds of people or groups or organizations. And if you find IYF just as others then what is the POINT to CLAIM about the TRUTH/BELIEVE of BIBLE because so many people who claim themselves to be strong believer/pastor/leader are living without TRUST in the WORD of BIBLE/GOD rather they consider Bible as their accessories. BTW, when I said TRUST i mean it TRUST only in the power/miracle/hope in the WORD/PROMISE of GOD.

    There are so many people who gain much wisdom and knowledge through IYF that they apply in their career/life and become successful in an unique and distinctive manner.

    So, guys!

    Keep approaching them and you may find the right Pastor/Leader among them that have the right knowledge and wisdom to understand your situations/thoughts and give you the right/exact guidance. It is REALLY not as bad as you guys concluded about IYF and their vision with mission.

    Ping me if you have anything you would like to discuss more.

    Thank you,

  7. What I think…………… you probably dont want to know…. let me start, first, you catholic, if there is any cult in the world , that’s the mother of them all, and secondly, you just don’t have an idea what you might be missing

  8. Brilliant! More Pawn!!

  9. I was a member of IYF way back in 2006 and decided to leave the group on February of 2007. I was also a student of Mr. Cho Gi Chun on his free korean language and from there, I began to attend to their activities like kimchi seminar and the performance of the goodnews mission corps at that time. as things passed by, I am beginning to discover some issues like getting married in IYF. but at the time, I had a relationship for 3 months with a korean girl who is also included in the group. as what i have read in this blog, there was a certain Jared Dela Paz who got married with a korean woman back in 2007. Lucky for him huh. at the time I left, there were still some members still staying in the org. and few months after that, I heard from some of my fellow attendees before that there was a pastor who bragged his part when he officiated a wedding for their local members. and few of its members were beginning to leave the group.

  10. Of-course I’m not going to use my real email address nor my real name for my private reasons. I am currently living in Korea and yes everything you have explained seems to be true and inline with my own research. My parents and family, devout Christians know of these cults in Korea and have warned me about them. A few days ago a friend of mine invited me to go to a “concert” and told me that the people playing were world class and a globally renowned group of musicians; which was quite true. Their name was, as you might have guessed it, Gracias Choir.

    It was a pleasantly experience listening to their songs and enjoying music but at the end of the concert, Park Oh Suk came on stage and started preaching. Now I was tired from the music as it was quite late and so I paid little attention. And all in all it was a pleasant experience. Few days later I was casually talking with my mom and the concert popped up. I told her how there was a sermon at the end and she was piqued and she asked me what church my friend who invited goes to. I told her it was the Good News Church. She freaked out, and I was very confused at first. She then started telling me how Park Oh Suk was a heretic and that I shouldn’t listen to his doctrines. Now I thought she was just being paranoid but after researching a little myself and reading this article, I know understand the situation I was in. So thank you for your hard work Mr/Mrs/Ms Author (don’t really know haha)

    I know understand what the cults are trying to do, or 이단 (Ee-dan) as we call them in Korea. They use concerts or something quite extravagant to entice people to come, because honestly who wants to listen to a pastor babble. But now I understand that they use music to as you suggested put our minds in a trance and let the sermon retain in our minds. Luckily for me I paid little attention to what Park Oh Suk said.

    These churches use people like my friend who was told by him mother to hand out tickets to his friends like myself and he himself doesn’t know the ulterior motive of the church. I really am disgusted at the lengths some people go to indoctrinate people into following their cults and I wish you good luck and God Bless.

    • The knob’s at 11!

      • Excellent. I just read this again–you are such a fine writer. I can’t shake the sense that this should be in print–even “online print.” I know. I know…. But I see it on the glossy pages/screen of, for example, The Atlantic.

        • I like that idea….

  11. Viva, George Washington! His wisdom, vision and prose! I would love to see this post in The New York Times and other well distributed media. It is an eloquent and provocative tribute, timely for President’s Day (-:
    Thanks for providing a melancholy review of how far we have fallen from the ideals and motivations at the founding of the great US of A.

  12. To engage and participate in the living of life, to get up and get out there has the curious side effect of promoting a sense of purpose, known to cause a feeling of well-being akin to a sensation commonly called happiness. Does virtual reality offer as much? And what about an academic degree? Is it not the realization of opportunity, when and if it happens, in response to that degree, and the participation in said opportunity that opens the door to meaningfulness?

  13. Thanks for the info. The same tactics were also used to promote iyf by Korean pastors of this fellowship in the Philippines. We were invited to attend this mind education thing. I got interested to attend their seminar because of the chance to get to Korea. Since we are teachers, we expected that the lectures had something to do with the teaching profession, however when I attended the training in one of the shopping malls in the Philippines, the pastors gave sermons instead and they used quotations and bible verses. The payment for the event was a little bit high. So I thought it was their strategy to get funds for their organization. I was invited to be a volunteer to another country. At first, I got excited, but when they told me that it would be purely an act of volunteerism, where I would not earn anything, I decided not to accept the offer. I have a descent job now as a teacher. I just want to travel to another country. I don’t think I need to serve in their group. I believe there could be other ways for me to travel not by being a volunteer for a long period of time. I practice being a Christian in my own way and for me to serve God can be done in our own ways.

  14. these moods and attitude also sounds like any college routine around the world. it is only because one gets a degree – something people considers useful why college is not considerd a CULT. God does not need human beings to defend HIM ok we just need to read the bible to find out if what they are saying is true. there is a word that says ‘by their fruit we shall know them.
    all of us have difficulties in our lives and to solve we go to various places but it is who we listen to that makes our lives better or worse.

  15. Thank you soo much for writing.
    Some of us were not as lucky. I got the “mind snapping” at age 13, and literary gave up my entire life
    to follow religious doctrines and teachings that drove me deeper and deeper in mystism.

    That went on for 7 years, by which i had gotten “powers” to do magical things when lying my hands on
    people they fall down. I was deeply mixed up with charismatic teachers like benny hinn
    and reihard bonke, tl osborn, billy graham and morris cerullo.

    Realizing i was into some strange trouble i started my way out. I think my mind was too damaged by
    the religious and non-religious groupings that had demanded my total mind attention. So by then i was
    20 years old.

    And it has taken me 21 years (!) to remember briefly the way my mind was at that age 13. Before the snapping experince.
    I am hoping now i have healed.

    Your article has contributed significantly today helping me to redefine a cultic relations. A definition that i
    think i was finding so elusive over the years…. the demand for total commitment.
    Most of my relationships have had that very strange quality but i could not perceive it, where it was coming from or what i
    was doing to myself!

    I also like the explanation about the snapping experience. Because i have never been able to explain it.
    A specific moment when my mind gave up and embraced religious doctrines over having a future the way normal people do.

    When it happened to me i started reading the bible like a maniac, got “saved” and hunted all over for religious
    teachings, completely abandoning my studies! A religious zombie with mystical powers.

    The whole article is therapeutic for me. So very many thank yous.

  16. About eight years ago, while I was in Tabasco, Mexico, I was invited to a week-end away at a “spiritual retreat”. I must say, nearly everything you stated as having happened to you (and the experience of the person with the Moonies) happened here. The churches that sponsered the retreat were affiliated to a personality by the name of Cash Luna, who is based in Guatemala, and who espouses something called the Prosperity Gospel. The spiritual retreat was called an “Encounter”. The amazing part was that of the maybe fifty men who had been invited, nearly all of them elected to make a profession of faith a get baptized in the ocean as the last act of the weekend. I must say, I consider myself to be well-grounded spiritually, theologically, educationally and emotionally, but even I came back from the event enthusiastic. I resisted the pressure to make a profession of faith and get baptized as I had already done this years before as a convinced Christian. However, I thought, “how
    wonderful for the others”. It wasn’t until later, as I digested what had gone on that weekend, that I realized that this group had used classical cult methods and that we had undergone classical brainwashing. Previous to the weekend, the leaders of the event had boasted(?) that they got a 90% decision rate on these “encuentros”. It was no wonder: if they had asked the men to believe and be baptized in name of the cookie monster, they would have done it after that weekend. The lead pastor had told me that for years he had been the pastor of a smallish church that could never seem to grow beyond 300 people. After adopting Cash Luna’s system and theology (you must “adopt”, you cannot imitate, as Cash Luna says) this church had exploded in numbers, from hundreds to I would guess close to ten thousand.
    A few points are in order: the leaders and organizers of the “encuentros” were nice and sincere people. Unlike Cash Luna himself, these people weren’t out to scam people and get rich (at least when I knew them – now I don’t know). They really believed that they had found a fool-proof way to get people saved. Another point is that the leaders and volunteers who attended the weekend were very nice and were just regular folk from the church. The meals were also delicious and as much as you could eat.
    However, much was classic cult: constant activity so that one got to bed absolutely exhausted. The retreat was in a remote piece of beach far away from the city. You weren’t allowed to leave, but even if you had been allowed, one was in the middle of nowhere. You had to be under the supervision of the staff at all times – even trips to the bathroom required the accompanyment of a staff member. There were lectures and Bible studies which were alternated with dancing to Christian muscic until one was barely able to stand. But if you stopped, you were encouraged to get up and continue. There were testimonials from the volunteers who told their life stories and how they had been rescured from addictions and disorderly lives. There was a session of regression therapy and an appeal for money with the promise that one would get back 10 times that which was given. A tongues speaking training session was given and then an appeal to the Holy Spirit to enable the visitors to be baptized
    in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues or laugh, bray, cry – anything went. They even put out buckets in case there was a need to vomit or defecate (to expell the demons). By the way, there was also an exorcism session designed to expell the demons responsible for whatever problems one might be experiencing. Also a healing session where the lead pastor for the event declared everyone healed of the sickness that they had just declared. It seemed strange to me that he himself wore glasses and leg braces which were the result of childhood polio. I wondered why he hadn’t been healed from these two rather obvious maladies.
    Anyways, the upshot was that nearly everyone submitted to getting baptized right there on the beach. There was disappointment expressed towards me because I hadn’t done the same. I was made to understand that my previous Christian experience was probably never genuine.
    I question whether the professions of faith made by the other men were valid. I know that follow-up is conducated on those who make professions of faith in an effort to keep them in the organization, including more spiritual retreats. But with such cultish techniques, how can it be said that genuined faith is present? If it had been the Moonies or Mormons or whoever doing the event, wouldn’t these same men have been convinced to do the same thing? On the other hand, if by these methods men’s lives are turned around and become healthier, happier and more loving, is it all bad? Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is not true Christianity because orthodox Christianity emphasizes that “decisions” or “professions of faith” must be an act of free will and clear understanding of what one is doing, not the result of obvious cultish brainwashing.
    Well, that’s my two cents worth. – Jonathan

    • Waah! If only you would listen carefully and precisely follow I hope you can learn that it is not a cult. Anyway, also Pharisees, other non believes tried to argue that Jesus was using the power of Beelzebub to heel but that did not hinder Him from accomplishing His Father’s will. How can you claim its a cult yet they preach how terrible hell fire will be. Nowadays, not may religious leaders can preach hellfire since neither themselves, nor the people they lead are confident of going to heaven. What God has done in my life through IYF is unexplainable. I was able to realize my true image and now I have true joy, happiness, peace and hope. Such I did not have before I met IYF.

      • Why does people keep on commenting for those things that they did not know completely,you have no idea of what IYF truly done and plans in concern with missing souls. How can you have a guts to say that they are a CULT, well in fact they are the one who`s having an initiative to preach about the word of God, they even encourage the youths of every nation to read the bible and told them to make things right and consider to open a new chapter of their lives,living to be a morally upright individual that God truly wants us to be in his eyes and and having the fact that God just made them as an instrument to share the Good news to save us from his wrath. You people who was blind and keep on fooling around by believing with those false Criticism about the IYF without even witnessing their Goals and appreciating and realizing their good deeds they have contributed to life of young youths. Well, I am a member of IYF,this doesn`t mean that I am defending their side but this all cam up from what I have witnessed in my stay under the management of Pastor Gi Chun Cho,they do even did their best to gather youths and conduct Bible study every night together with his wife and other pastors. Just by that, I realized the true motive of their heart,not just to entertain people by doing such IYF World Camp in different countries but they also have a heart to give hopes and directions to those lives who doesn`t have. Life is a matter of choice,whether you choose to criticize first or witness their hearts,hearts of patience to serve,a heart of volunteering, a heart having concern and loving others without having in return, a heart of helping individual as much as they can because that is what God wants them to be,to help for your brothers and sisters,they live a life with a purpose, a purpose not to harm you but help you to put your life in a good cost. -PEARL 🙂

        • I am glad and so much privileged to be a member of this cult( or whatever the writer may call it). Goodnews church and IYF has impacted me positively: made me guilt free and selfless by the grace of God. That I can truly experience the peace which transcends all understanding was as a result of my joining this ship of change that the writer calls cult where undiluted word of God is preached, where the mysteries/secret of salvation is been exposed. Indeed I started finding the scriptures interesting when I learnt to distrust myself/ thought. It is my earnest desire that the gospel which brings about salvation will get to so many. IYF is a platform/medium through which the gospel will reach the end of the earth. Shalom!

  17. Just wanted to say thank you so much! I am currently taking a writing 121 honors course that is using your book, Writing At The End of The World. We are in the process of an analytical research essay, it’s quite liberating to read and listen to what all of you have to say!

  18. Forgive me, but I was stopped in my tracks at “director for player development.” So “remediation” is okay, so long as it has nothing to do with any particular academic discipline or curriculum…. Okay, I’ll go back and read the rest now….


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