Table of Contents



On Habits of Mind: A Letter to Readers

On the Origins of Habits of the Creative Mind : A Letter to Teachers

On Unlearning



Argument at Work: Michelle Alexander

On the Three Most Important Words in the English Language

On Joining the Conversation

On Avoiding Writing-by-Formula



Curiosity at Work: Donovan Hohn

On Creative Reading

On Going Down the Rabbit Hole

On Plumbing the Depths of Motivation

On Imagining Others



Argument at Work: Harriet McBryde Johnson

On the Miracle of Language

On Making Thought Visible: Seven Ways of Looking at a Water Pump

On Thinking Unthinkable Thoughts


Paying Attention

Curiosity at Work: Michael Pollan

On Learning to See

On Looking and Looking Again: The Universe in a Grain of Sand

On Encountering Difficulty

On Self-Curation and the Digital Tattoo


Asking Questions

Curiosity at Work: Rebecca Skloot

On Asking Questions

On Writing to a Question

On Interviewing


Making Space and Time

Curiosity at Work: Alan Lightman

On Creative Places

On a Screen of One’s Own

On Solitude

On Moving from Paper to Screen



Creativity at Work: Twyla Tharp

On Reading as a Writer

On Seeing as a Writer

On Confronting the Unknown


Planning and Replanning

Creativity at Work: David Simon

On Structure

On Revising

On Learning from Failure



Argument at Work: Sonia Sotomayor

On Argument as Journey

On Working with the Words of Others

On the Theater of the Mind

On Curiosity at Work in the Academy



Creativity at Work: James McBride

On Playing with Conventions

On Inefficiency

On Writing’s Magical Powers

On Laughter


Teaching Creativity and Curiosity

Creativity at Work: Mike Rose

On the Challenges of Teaching Writing

On Evaluating Student Writing



Ta-Nehesi Coates, “Fear of a Black President”

Jill Lepore, “Tea and Sympathy”

Gene Weingarten, “Pearls before Breakfast”


May 18, 2014

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